We are a team of young emergency care professionals with a passion for education, out to save the world by teaching life-saving skills to anyone and everyone.

Meet the team:


Roi Shternin

Co-founder, head educator, AEMT

As a health educator and activist, this project is a dream come true for me, combining my values and beliefs. Empowering people is the most important thing in the world, second only to saving lives, and here we do both.
I am truly privileged to be working with these amazing young people, saving the world, one heart at a time.


AJ Schiller

Co-founder, training developer, EMT

Though I have the skills to save lives, by teaching the same skills to nine other people, we could potentially save ten times as many. How many lives could we save if we taught everyone in the world?
After 10 years in emergency services, safety and security, I am excited to be working in support of young people around the world, to reach more people and save more lives.

Yonatan 2

Yonatan Goffer

Chief medical officer, pediatrician

I have devoted my life to saving others, founding the Warm Hands Initiative, teaching emergency medical skills at Ben Gurion Medical School and working as an ER Doctor. I am truly honored to take part in this amazing educational endeavor, empowering youth and saving lives as we go.