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We’ve also put together for you a list of some reliable sites for information about first aid and health-related issues (click image for link):

AHA Logo


Researches heart diseases, conditions, and resuscitation methods. Generally referred to as the top authority for resuscitation guidelines, both for medical professionals and for lay providers. Provider of CPR training worldwide.


ERC logoFor research and education on resuscitation.



Center for Resuscitation logo

Dedicated to research and training to save the lives of those suffering cardiac arrest or shock.



SJA logoFirst aid volunteer association in the UK and internationally. Provides information and guidelines on a thorough variety of first aid emergencies. Provider of first aid training in the UK and internationally.



Internationally renowned for leading research in various branches of medicine. Provides information on a wide variety of medical conditions and emergencies.


HON logoA non-governmental organisation under the auspices of the United Nations, which promotes and guides the deployment of useful and reliable online health information. Certifies reliable health websites and provides a list of these, as well as appropriate searching capabilities.